Skype Translator Pro 5.2.4 Multilingual Full Crack


Skype Translator Pro 5.2.4 Multilingual Full Crack
Professional Skype translation software for users who want to instantly translate skype conversation to different languages: English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and so on. Most of us use Skype to chat with pals, business partners, and sometime we just use it to make e-friends online. To talk with more people easily and clearly, Skype Translator Pro is an ideal tool for your global chat

Why Choose Skype Translator Pro?

For Business
Skype means business. A group for Skype's business users around the world to get to know each other, and to exchange thoughts and ideas about innovative ways of using Skype. But you are always feel difficult when trying to communicate with people who speak foreign languages. Skype Translate Pro is designed for solve this problem.

For Foreign Friends
Making foreign friends online is becoming more and more popular. But most of us have language problem when chatting with foreign friends. This Skype Translate Plugin will help you chat with foreginers without language barrier.

For Multilingual Families
In international families, parents and daughter-in-law or son-in-law speak different langaues, it is a little bit embarrassed when you have a Skype video chat but cannot understand each other. Now we are here, use Skype Translator Pro, you can communicate with each other very well!

Instantly Translate Skype Messages

Send text with translation Instantly
When you send messages to your friends, Skype Translator Pro could translate your text into your friends' language instantly

Receive text with full understanding
With Skype Translator Pro, whatever language your friends speak, when they send Skype messages to you, you can got full understanding, because you are receiving text with translation in real-time.

Translate Skype for Mobile

This software works with Windows PC only. But only one of you need to install and run it on PC. If another one is on Skype with a mobile phone, you can still chat with translation smoothly.

You can have Skype chat with your friends who is using iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, and any other mobile devices.

Support Video Chat and Translate 80+ Languages

This Skype text translation software also works when video chatting. You can enjoy video chat in the mean time send & receive messages in instant translation.
Fully support translate 80 languages including: English, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Germany, etc.

Easy, Flexible and Efficient

Sending and receiving translated messages with human reading. Make your chatting relax and closer. Help your pal understand your meaning better.
Stop and start translation whenever you want to.
Skype Translator Pro also allow you to save the history in both original and translation, you can easily and quickly check the chat content.
Free life-time upgrade and technical support.

SIZE : 5.6 MB




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